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Dr. Cooper specializes in athletic injuries, specifically arthroscopic and reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery.


Dr. Cooper’s practice is located at the Carrell Clinic (Est. 1921), which is a renowned referral center for complex orthopedic cases. Dr. Cooper is the head team physician for the Dallas Cowboys football team and a widely recognized expert in sport injuries. You can click here to jump to Dr. Cooper’s profile page or click here to jump to the Carrell Clinic’s profile page. If you have any questions of basic information, be sure to check the Patient Information section and our Contact page.

Patient Education Animations

Dr. Cooper is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Arthur C. Rettig, M.D. Award at the recent NFL Physicians Society’s Meeting and Symposium.

Dr. Cooper is proud to be part of the research team that won the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine prestigious 2014 O’Donoghue Award for the best clinical research paper in sports medicine. Read More ->

The NFL, in conjunction with the NFLPS, has created a short video called “A 21st Century Sideline” which demonstrates how technology is helping physicians like Dr Cooper provide better care for the players. View the video and learn more ->